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Long freeform dreadlocks type 4 natural hair Romana

Romana hails from Guadeloupe (French West Indies). As a lifelong dread and a follower of the Rastafari tradition, she believes in a simple, uncomplicated hair routine. Below the talented photographer shares how she began her journey, her philosophy on life, and advice for fellow dreads.

How long have you been a dread? And what method did you use to start them?

 I’ve had my dreads since I was young, one or two years old. My mother started them for me because we follow the Rastafari’s traditions. She just let my hair grow up like they want, alone. That’s freeform.

You freeform, which means no root maintenance. Do you ever catch flack for not having more “manicured” dreads? How do you deal with this?

I didn’t have any problems with my dreads. Some people don’t like it but that’s rare. Everyone usually tells me that they like it freeform and that’s real dreads.

What’s the dread / natural hair scene like in your city? Is it embraced or do you find yourself one of few?

Ladies wear their Afros. Many ladies and men have dreads but not freeform. They twist them and wear them with stylist hairstyles.

Freeform dreadlocs type 4 natural hair Romana

Share your current hair routine. What products are you loving these days?

I don’t have a hair routine. I used to put some oils like carrot. But now I just use bio shampoo, macadamia oil, and coconut oil.

Where can we keep in touch with you online?

You can find me on Instagram @blxckdreads and @blxckdreadshots (my photography account).

Any words of inspiration/advice for fellow dreads?

Be positive and make good things around you is the key. Respect the nature. I think that you have to assume and live with your natural hair. Just be proud. It’s your roots. We are all different and that’s diversity. Everyone should be proud of their hair, body extra!

Freeform dreads Romana from Guadeloupe

Published 11/22/18

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