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Geannie Jordana is a breath of fresh air on my Instagram feed. I was initially drawn to her fluffy, neck-length locs. But I stayed for her infectious energy and the mouth-watering dishes she posts. Although natural for more than seven years, she began her loc  journey just over a year ago. And as they’ve grown, so has her plant-based food stand, Dana’s Divine Dishes. The busy Southern California entrepreneur recently took time to chat with me about her natural hair journey, the inspiration behind it, and how she turned her calling into a career.

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for about 7 years now.

Did you transition? For how long?

I used to apply perms [relaxers] but transitioned with the big chop after five months.

How did you transition?

Mainly sew-ins and braid styles.

I believe the biggest misconception is that dreadlocks are super dirty.

Why did you decide to stop relaxing? What motivated you to go natural?

I really wanted my authentic, healthy growing hair back, so I began my journey.

Who/what inspired you?

My mother who has had dreads for about 15 Years and my brother for 6.

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What method did you use to start your loc journey?

I started with comb coils.

What’s the biggest misconception about locs?

I believe the biggest misconception is that dreadlocks are super dirty.

Describe your hair.

My hair pattern is 4c. I realized it really loved black castor oil and any natural hair product that contains it. Each quarter of my head has a unique texture with the back left being the roughest.

Do you ever have times when you struggle with your locs? How do you deal with those days?

Yes, and I usually solve it with a deep breath, H2O, and meditation.

Natural hair chef Geannie jordana

Name one thing you’ve learned about your hair since being natural.

I’ve learned that my hair’s uniqueness is what makes it beautiful.

Share your loc maintenance. Do you retwist? Palmroll? How often?

I usually palm roll it every month. When I have the funds I treat my hair to a professional retwist every 3 months.

Drink water and feed your hair water daily.

What products and brands do you use to maintain your crown?

I’m currently using SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Serum.

How do you preserve your locs overnight?

I spray with water and apply coconut oil and rice water once a week. I wrap with a silk head wrap.


What’s the best part of being loc’d?

The diversity of acceptable and stylish hairstyles.

Share your top tip for healthy locs.

Drink water and feed your hair water daily.

I adore watching your cooking IG stories and posts. They’re always entertaining. Tell us about your plant-based food.

Cooking has allowed me to challenge myself and be open to learning every day. It’s therapy which I decided to make my career in a creative way.

I’ve just transitioned into this plant-based lifestyle and find it a struggle each day but I always remind myself that each day is a canvas. You choose how it’s painted. You have to create art and hope for the best, or just get a recipe book for inspiration [laugh].

Where can we find you online?

I host cooking shows and share recipes on my YouTube channel


Any advice or words of encouragement for other locers?

Stay hydrated, moisturized, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your locs.


Posted 1/28/20

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