Natural Hair Journey: Afroani

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Growing up in Italy, Afroani didn’t see hair that looked like hers. As a child, she just wanted to fit in and look like everyone else. And although she’s a lifelong natural, she felt pressured to straighten her hair. She often wore protective styles to hide her afro hair. But those days are behind her. Today the beauty lives in London and proudly flaunts her textured strands. In her interview we talk about her experience as an Afro-Italian with natural hair and hw she keeps her curls popping.

You’re a lifelong natural. Have you ever felt pressured to relax or use chemicals in your hair?  Was it ever an issue for you growing up?

I have definitely felt pressured to straighten or relax multiple time in my life. I grew up in Italy where most people have straight hair, and as a kid I just wanted to be like everyone else.

I absolutely love everything that comes with being natural.

Have you always embraced your natural hair or did you have to grow to love it?

I had to grow to live my natural hair. Growing up I always used to wear a lot of protective styles. It was almost like a way to blend with everyone else and hide my Afro hair that made me feel so different.

What motivates you to stay natural? 

I absolutely love everything that comes with being natural. I love styling, wash-and-gos, and all the different products that I can test out. I also love the way Afro hair looks on me now that I have grown to love it. 

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What’s the natural hair scene like in your city? Do you find yourself one of few or is it common to see other naturals?

London is a very diverse city, so it’s pretty common to see other naturals. What I love about this city is that there are always so many events dedicated to Afro haircare.

Do you ever have times when you struggle with your natural hair? How do you deal with those days?

Since I had my baby I can’t stay in the shower as long on wash days, but I still manage to get through my haircare routine. 

Describe your hair.

My hair has so many different textures: 4a at the back, 4c in the middle, and 4b at the front.

A healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

What’s your current hair routine, and what products do you use to maintain your crown?

My favorite hair products at the moment are from the As I Am classic line. I absolutely love the way my hair feels every time I use them. 

How do you preserve your natural hair overnight?

I like to simply put my hair in a high bun or wear a bonnet to keep it fresh for the next day. 

You have to wear one style for the rest of your life. Which do you choose and why?

It would be a high bun. I literally live in high buns. They are the easiest and quickest way to style your hair and you can make it look super cute by laying your edges or using different head wraps. 

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What’s the best part of being natural?

The best part of being natural is that you get to embrace your natural self and you also get to try and experiment with your hair.

Share your top tip for healthy natural hair.

Top tip for healthy hair would be moisturizing daily if you have dry hair. Also take care of your scalp. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

Where can we find you online?

I’m on Instagram, @afroani_.

Any advice or words of encouragement for fellow naturals?

Being natural can be time consuming but it’s worth seeing your hair flourish. 

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Published 11/12/19

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