Natural Hair Journey: Idairene

Curly afro with middle part type 4b natural hair Idairene

Idairene credits the 2020 pandemic with nudging her towards going natural. Living in Cuba, hair products are already difficult to come by. Once the virus spread worldwide, it became harder still for her to find relaxers. And even now, a year into her natural hair journey, she has to modify products to suit her needs. But whatever she’s doing is working, as evidenced by her juicy, bouncy curls and coils. Keep reading to discover this natural beauty’s routine.


How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for one year. 


Did you transition? And if so, how?

I transitioned for one year with braids.

In Cuba we don’t have access to all the products that are in the world for curly-afro hair

Why did you decide to stop relaxing?

I decided stop relaxing because in 2020 when the pandemic started it was very difficult for me have access to relaxers. I also have a friend with natural hair and she inspired me.

4a natural hair braid out Idairene

Describe your hair.

I think that my hair is type 3c-4a in the front. The back is 4b and is low porosity.


What’s the natural hair scene like in your city?

I think it’s growing every day. It’s not that big but we try to have our place.

All our crowns are beautiful

Type 4 natural hair twist out Idairene


What’s your current hair routine? What products do you use to maintain your crown?

My routine is very simple. In Cuba we don’t have access to all the products that are in the world for curly-afro hair, and when someone sells a curly-afro product it’s very expensive.

So I make my own. To my conditioner I incorporate honey and oils like coconut or olive oil and use it to define my hair. Every week I try to do a natural mask for my hair.

Curly afro type 4 natural hair Idairene

How do you preserve your natural hair overnight?

I truly don’t use anything to sleep.


You have to wear one style for the rest of your life. Which do you choose and why?

If I have to wear one style for the rest of my life, I choose finger coils. That was the first style I wore when I finished my transition. It makes me feel safe and confident.

Natural hair with twists updo hairstyle Idairene

What’s the best part of being natural?

The best part of being natural is the discovery. Every day is a new day and I learn a new thing.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Instagram, @rivera.dairy.

Any advice or words of encouragement for other naturals?

All our crowns are beautiful. Don’t be afraid to wear yours.

4a natural hair finger coils Idairene

Published 2/7/22


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