Natural Hair Journey: Jacquar

Thick type 4 natural hair high top fade Jacquar

Big hair gives me life. So when I first saw Jacquar and his thick, spectacularly untamed high top, I was mesmerized. Like many of us, his hair wasn’t celebrated growing up. He had to learn to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of his natural hair. And now he wouldn’t have it any other way. Below the Los Angeles natural shares why he decided to grow his hair and his simple maintenance routine.

How long have you been growing your hair?

8 years

How did you begin, and what influenced your decision?

I was ready for a new style. At first, I planned to be bold and dye my hair blond. Once I was ready to go through with it, Chris Brown then dyed his hair blond and it seemed like every black guy I knew did too [laugh]

I didn’t want to seem as if I were following a trend, so I began to grow my hair out.

How did you wear your hair before growing it out?

*sings with my best Bey impression* “Low-cut Caesar with the deep waaaaaves…” [laugh]

Growing out natural hair Jacquar

How do you wear your hair on a daily basis now?

I have a high-top bald fade. Most days I just get up and go. On occasion I’ll rock a twist-out.

Describe your hair.

My hair is very very thick and coily. Textured. Deceivingly long. (The shrinkage is real.)

Kinky coily natual hair chunky twist out Jacquar

Share your maintenance routine. How do you maintain your crown?

I wash and condition my hair at least twice a week. There seems to be a new natural hair line on the market every other month, so I’m still experimenting with different brands to see what’s best for my hair.

I also rinse with apple cider vinegar to help with product build-up. When I’m not being lazy, I make an avocado-based conditioner to deep condition my hair. I moisturize my scalp with a combo of tea tree and coconut oils.

What’s the natural hair scene like in Los Angeles?

I do see tons of naturals of all ages. Afros, braids, locs, twists…you name it. Especially among my fellow creatives.

Two strand twists natural type 4 hair Jacquar

How do people react to your natural hair? Have you encountered any criticism from family or friends?

I’m basically known as “the guy with the cool hair.” I get stopped all of the time. Tons of compliments and questions. Constant comparisons to Christopher Reid (Kid of Kid ‘n Play).

The occasional violation of people, especially non-POC, reaching in to touch it. I’ve sometimes even gotten work because of my hair and my look. My family and friends love my hair.

What have you learned about your hair since growing it out?

I’ve learned to truly love my hair. I’ve learned to embrace my natural texture. I grew up, as I’m sure most of us did, with this misconception of “good hair” and that more relaxed styles are considered better. Now, I wouldn’t change a single thing about my hair.

Thick coily natural hair high top fade Jacquar

If you could have done one thing differently in the process, what would it have been?

I wish I would’ve tried even more styles and had more fun with it.

Where else can we find you online?

Instagram: @jacquar.

Any words of advice or encouragement for other naturals?

Love and embrace your kinks and curls. They’re truly beautiful.

Type 4 natural hair blow out Jacquar

Published 11/11/19



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