Natural Hair Journey: Josette

Type 4 thick natural hair colored TWA Josette

Josette has been natural her entire life. After having locs for 13 years, she recently decided to big chop and now wears a thick, beautifully coily TWA. She’s played around with color at this length and is embracing her fresh new journey. Today the Canada mom tells us why she chopped, the reaction from friends and family, and how to avoid stressing over your hair.

How did you wear your hair before you started your locs at age 11? 

Before then, I wore my hair completely natural. My mom styled my hair by doing braids, cornrows, twists, and Bantu knots. 

How long did you have locs and how did you start them?

I had my locs for 13 years and they were started with finger coils. 

I’m really just getting to know my hair again.

You recently did a big chop and now rock a fabulous TWA. What/who inspired the change?

Yes, I recently did a big chop and I’m loving it. My locs were damaged from bleach and they changed a lot after pregnancy, so I decided to chop it all off.

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed in your hair since the BC?

I’m really just getting to know my hair again. It’s really different from having locs.

Locs started from finger coils type 4 natural hair Josette

How did friends and family react?

Family and friends were shocked at first that I actually did it, but they love the results of my big chop. 

Do you ever have days when your hair just doesn’t cooperate? How do you deal with that?

In the winter months my hair is a lot more difficult to deal with because it’s gets really dry. I just make sure to be consistent with my weekly hair masks and using oils.

Do you feel there are specific challenges to rocking short hair?

I don’t see any challenges. My facial features really pop out with short hair. But I’m gonna miss my TWA when it grows out.

Describe your hair.

My hair pattern is a mix of 4c and 4b. I have really thick hair and normal porosity for the most part, especially in the summer months. My hair is really thick with lots of coils and shiny when I stick to moisturizing well.

The key is getting to know your hair and finding out which products work and which ones don’t. 

What’s the natural hair scene like in your city? Is it embraced or do you find yourself one of few?

Most people in my area [of Toronto] don’t wear natural hair but it’s more embraced than it used to be. 

What’s the biggest misconception about natural hair?

The biggest misconception about natural hair is that it’s too difficult to manage. The key is getting to know your hair and finding out which products work and which ones don’t. 

Give your top tip for healthy natural hair.

Keep it moisturized.

Share your current hair routine.

I wash my hair once a week and condition about twice a week. I love the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo, the TGIN Honey Miracle Mask, and the Aussie Moist line, especially their conditioner. My fave oils are Jamaican black castor oil and olive oil.

Lifelong natural hair 4c TWA Josette

Do you think you’ll ever loc again?

I definitely plan on locing my hair again once my natural hair is a length I like. 

Where can we keep in touch with you online?

Check out my Instagram @josettebianca. You can find my YouTube channel under the same name,

Any advice or words of encouragement for other naturals?

Being natural truly is a journey of discovery and experimentation. You have to embrace it or it’ll just be a stressful experience. Remember our hair is unique, so of course it’s gonna be a little complicated. That’s the beauty of it.

Short natural hair thick 4b TWA Josette

Published 2/24/20


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