Natural Hair Journey: Toyin

Black woman with short 4a natural hair Toyin

The first thing I noticed about Toyin was her dazzling smile. The second was her gorgeous haircut. Although she’s been natural for five years, she recently big chopped (again) and now rocks a fly Caesar. Below the Orlando beauty shares what motivated her new cut, her favorite products, and the key to fabulous natural hair.


How long have you been natural? Did you transition? If so, how?

I’ve been natural since 2017. I simply chopped off all my processed hair and never looked back.


Why did you stop relaxing?

I felt that over time the chemicals were changing the texture of my hair. I noticed thinning and shedding as well.

I learned to appreciate my curls.

What were your thoughts on natural hair before you became a natural, and how have they changed?

To be honest, when I began seeing other women embracing their natural hair for so many reasons I could identify with, it was a no-brainer.

Short natural hair fade with design Toya

Congrats on your recent third big chop. Short hair looks spectacular on you. What inspired the change?

Thank you. I must confess I’m a lazy natural. Caring for my hair simply became overwhelming for me. I wasn’t happy with my growth either. So I decided it was time for another chop.

This is the lowest I’ve had it, but I’m definitely in love and feeling free. I can still be creative with minimal fuss.

Describe your hair.

I have what I believe to be 4a hair. It’s thick with tight curls. I think my hair is low to medium porosity. When I took the porosity test it didn’t exactly sink to the bottom.

4a natural hair wash and go Toyin

Name one thing you’ve learned about your hair since being natural.

I learned how much my hair needs moisture. I found great success with jellyies and gels but creams literally will sit in top of my hair.

I also learned that my hair is my hair. Looking at social media would make me feel lost in the shuffle. My curls weren’t fine enough or course enough. I felt stuck in the middle. But I learned to appreciate my curls.


What’s your current hair routine? What products do you use to maintain your crown?

Right now it’s very simple because I’m still learning how to work with my fade. I still focus on using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Co washes are staples for me as well. And to pop my waves, I use Wave Builder Jelly Waves. It’s a waxless, grease-free pomade.

Blond natural hair 4a blue red curls Toyin

What’s the best part of being natural?

With my current style I really enjoy getting ready and not having to figure out what to do with my hair. It’s brush and go. When I had hair the best part was not having to relax and touch up new growth.

Embrace your texture.


Share your top tip for maintaining natural hair.

Consistency goes a long way as does being true to the texture of your own hair. You definitely have to create your own narrative.

Type 4 short natural hair with waves Toyin

Where can we find you online?

Follow me on IG, @shecoily4a.

Any advice or words of encouragement for other naturals?

Don’t be afraid to express yourself with your hair. Embrace your texture and create your own narrative.

Natural hair fade on black woman Toyin

Published 1/17/22


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